So this site doesn’t have EVERYTHING that you want?  Well, here is where you can find everything else that we do (our social media links are already on the bottom of the page  🙂 )

Fancentro:  Other than here, this is the next best place to buy Chrissy’s Premium Snapchat.  They are a fun, respectable company and do a great job making premium snapchat sales a breeze.  Chrissy also has a fancentro feed where she posts downloadable photo sets (similar to Patreon but naughtier..).

Manyvids:  If you want to download one of the clips you see on our site here, go to Manyvids.  All clips are for sale individually, plus a bunch of other goodies (panties, photo sets, dick ratings where we’ll rate YOUR dick pics and give you advice, etc).  There’s a bunch of free pics there for you to see as well.  Most of the videos here will end up for sale there eventually, but you always get them here first!

OnlyFans:  Chrissy saves everything that gets posted to her premium snapchat.  Where does all that content end up?  Onlyfans!  You can view any/all of it at any time, it doesn’t expire like snapchat does.  But her premium snapchat members always get to see it first.  A monthly (cheap) subscription gets you access to all the content.  Plus other photos and videos we have!  We’re working on editing and posting a ton of new content to upload right now, actually, so don’t hesitate.

Streamate:  Want to have a one-on-one sexy show with Chrissy or another Harem girl?  This is the best place for that!  Chrissy will act out your fantasy for you, talk to you like you’re right there with her and put on a show you won’t forget!  Best to get a 15 minute block or set aside even more time to spend with her because once you start with her, you’ll want to spend all your time there!

These are the types of shows you can find there:  Pussy Play, Finger, Dildo, Vibrator, Squirting, Riding, Dildo BJ, Deepthroat, Feet, Heels, Costumes, Roleplay, Pantyhose, Lick Nipples, Titty Twerk/Flex, Ass twerk, strip tease, dance, Femdom, Findom, Buttplug, SPH, JOI, CEI, Dirty Talk…etc!

Anal (anything other than a buttplug) must be scheduled in advance as there is prep involved! She’s not a mind reader so if there is something specific you want, please tell her! The more vocal you are about your fantasy, the better she can do in making it a reality for you!

Pornhub:  This is new, so there isn’t a lot up yet.  But stay tuned for FREE videos.  Watch them over and over and over again!!  You will have the option to buy any clip you see for offline viewing or you can watch through their site for free.  Tell your friends to watch for free too, we’re looking to have the most views of any model!  Because that’s where the harem belongs, at number 1!

Chaturbate:  This is where a lot of people first saw/heard of us.  Live webcam shows!  We’re gearing up for a bunch of fun new shows with hot new girls…maybe even mainstream pornstars…  ;D  Now that we’ve moved into Las Vegas, we’re going to be taking the camming scene by storm, again.  Stay tuned to our twitter for updates on when the shows will be starting up again.

Amazon:  You know what is.  You can buy almost anything there!  Well, we’ve got something a little more specific in mind for you to “add to cart”.  Everybody has a few things that they’d love to get as a special gift, but we want it from you.  We pay our thanks in many fun ways to everybody that gets something from our wishlitsts.  So check it out and be our hero!  Do you have a particularly kinky mind?  Maybe you’re into BDSM power play?  This is the site where you can worship the harem girls like the happy little pervert you are.  Mistress Chrissy has plenty of videos and will even make one custom, just for you!  Offer your payments to your new goddesses and be quick about it.

Skype:  Want to skype with Chrissy?  Just you and her, one-on-one.  Maybe you want to share some fun time together?  Or just to chat with her on your regularly scheduled time?  Message her here.  Her time is available per minute for however long you’d like.  She’ll let you know when she’s on and ready for you.  Username:  leblanc_chrissy

Want to chat with Sir?  Username:  MyPerfectHarem

SextPanther:  Want to text with Chrissy?  Directly on her phone?  Send and receive pictures, naughty messages back and forth?  Of course you do!  Silly questions.  This site is the site you want to use to message with her.  Super easy and a lot of fun to have Chrissy in your contacts.

Snapchat:  Chrissy has a free snapchat.  Feel free to add her:  “Chrissy.LeBlanc” (without quotes, obviously).  She also has a premium snapchat where you can see ALL of her every single day.  Every.  Single.  Day!  It’s the best place to message her and usually her number one priority every day.  She loves snapping pics while she’s in the shower, so I hope you don’t mind her being sexy AND wet.  You can buy the premium right here on this site, actually.  Lowest price of any other place.

Get Chrissy's Premium Snapchat

Instagram:  Instagram is filled with the sexiest models.  So of course we’re on there too!  Chrissy has hers (@thechrissyleblanc) and you can find us (you guessed it):  @MyPerfectHarem

Twitter:  Twitter doesn’t censor our pictures/posts like Instagram.  So you can always find the best images to go with our messages there.  All our updates on new content to this site, uploads to any of these other sites above, and when/where you can find us live!  If you don’t have twitter, get it now and follow us @MyPerfectHarem for everything MYPERFECTHAREM!

Feel free to add Chrissy too!  She posts all her fun stuff on twitter first.  @LeBlanc_Chrissy

Twitch:  You like video games, right?  Who doesn’t?  This is where we play games with each other and sometimes fans.  Each Harem girl likes different games and Sir v Harem plays regularly, so go follow us there.  It’s free to watch/interact with us and we love to chat with you while playing.  If you have an amazon prime membership, you can support the Harem for free on twitch and we’ll all love you for it!


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